Luxury Dog Carrier Car Seat Handbag Cute Pink Portable Washable Travel Bed with Seat Belt


Our newest edition is the CUTEST travel bag ever, pure Luxury for your pet!  Keep your pet safe and comfortable while on the go.  There are so many reasons we love our fur baby carrier:

  • Pet Carrier, Pet Bedding, Pet Car Seat - All in One
  • PU Leather ECO Friendly Straps
  • Designed for Pets up to 33lbs/15kg
  • Measures: 17.72"(45CM) L x 13.2"(34CM) W x 17.32" (44CM) H
  • Durable Nylon Bottom
  • Plush 4" Interior Pillow
  • Puffer Material Quilted waterproof interior/exterior 
  • Snap button sides allow for even larger pet bed area when not traveling
  • Machine Washable