8 Colors! Knitted Bunny Tail Baby Toddler Blanket | Cute Bunny Tail Knitted Baby Blanket


Experience the cuteness of our Acrylic Knit Bunny Blanket with a fluffy tail! Made from a soft and long-lasting material, this blanket is perfect for snuggles galore! Plus, with 8 color choices, there's something to match every nursery. 

Available Colors*: Red / Mustard / Dark Blue (Teal) / Green (Light Teal) / Brown / Purple / Blue / Grey

*Opposite side is reverse color pattern - I know, so cute right?

Great Easter Bunny Blanket!  Add it to a basket or make it a bundle with one of our Bunnies by the Bay selections or other great options!

Measures 29.5in. (75cm) width x 37.5" (95cm) Long