Little Toasties "Gus" the Sloth Heat and Hug | Heatable Plush Toy Calming and Soothing Stuffed Animal


Meet Gus, he likes to play hide and seek in the trees - at least thats what his tag says.  Adorable Little Toasties sloth - I mean ADORABLE! Perfect for the cold nights or when you just need to snuggle with something warm. Soothes, Warms, Comforts and promotes a positive sensory experience. 

20"T  (He's a big fella) x 19"W

Please ensure you follow the instructions on the package insert to ensure your safety.  Belly insert only should be heated.  Belly insert to be surface washed with a damp sponge when necessary, do not wet belly insert.  Animal can be hand washed.  Designed in New Zealand.