Nettie Pickle Ball - Pickleball Set - Double Pack: Ashbury / Bedford | Best Pickleball Gifts

$168.00 $199.00

With good gear and good people, you’ll be golden. Enter The Nettie Sets. Their best value and flagship products. Time to round up your people and find (or make) a court!

The Nettie Set Double Pack: Perfect for a pickleball tete a tete. Fabulous Pickleball set! With the Double Pack you get:

  • 2 USA Pickleball Approved Pickleball paddles. Nettie Pickle ball style Ashbury + Bedford
  • 2 pickleballs. Because sometimes one ball rolls away.
  • 2 sweatbands. You’re gonna look great. 

The Particulars: All of their paddles are superior quality and designed for pickleball players of all ages and abilities.

-USA Pickleball Association Approved
-CORE: Polymer honeycomb core (lightweight & powerful)
-THICKNESS: 13mm (best for power + pop)
-SURFACE: Carbon fiber face (durable + best for spin)
-WEIGHT: 7.8 oz-8.0 oz
-GRIP: 4.25 inch octagonal grip

The Perfect Gift: Bonus points! They put a little extra zazz into our packaging when you order The Nettie Set, so whether it’s for a pal who’s brand new to the game, your boss who plays every Wednesday, or your cousin who loves cool packaging, The Nettie Set makes a perfect gift.