Annalee 20" Workshop Santa | Annalee Holiday | Vintage Felt Santa's Workshop


This 20 inch Annalee Santa is wearing red corduroy pants, a white shirt with a green work apron over it. The apron has pockets that hold all of the essentials like a notepad and pencils. He is wearing black boots with a white fur trim (ADORABLE).  Upon his head is a long red corduroy hat that has a billed cap accented with a holly berry and a white pompom on the end. He is busy painting a wooden toy truck to give to a deserving child on his “Nice List”

ID#410919 Y2019 This is the exact doll you will receive pictured.  

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Add this ADORABLE doll to your collection or if you have no idea who Annalee is, check her out and begin your collection of these magical dolls.