Arcade Alley Ball Neon


Get ready to have some fun!  Seems small but let us tell you...WE LOVE THIS GAME!  Warning...your fingers may hurt as well as your voice if you are as competitive as us! We are all about these type small electronic games and can say this one is a great one for the price, think teeny ski ball.

Just like the arcade version you need to roll the balls down the alley, up the ramp, and into one of the target holes to score points.  Classic Arcade style OR the version we love...use the spring-powered ball launcher! 

  • Each player gets 60 seconds high score wins!
  • Electronic score counter and sound effects.
  • Giant 3 Foot (95cm) track. Fast paced action, just like the arcade!
  • 2 playing modes – play in either manual mode by hand, or with the ball launcher.