Book-Tails Bookmarks: Sloth | Plush bookends for Kids | Soft Plush Sloth

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The furriest fun to be had at reading time. These plush bespectacled bookmarks will faithfully keep your page with their dangly tails, but secretly can't wait for you to pick up your book and continue the story.  Great to encourage reading!

4.5 stars on Amazon with over 700 reviews - that's encouraging for your sweet loves new best friend!

  • High quality plush makes for a super soft, furry bookmark
  • Detailed facial features give these Bookmarks real character; making for a cuter-than-your-average page-keeper
  • Super detailed miniature metal rimmed glasses result in cute and studious novelty Bookmarks
  • When in use, close the book and see how the book-tail dangles whilst keeping your page; its adorable soft head poking out of the top of the book
  • Made of Polyester; wipe clean with a damp sponge