Friends™ Official Monopoly Game

$35.00 $38.00

Friends Official Monopoly Game!  Ok, Nevsher lior play all the FRIENDS series games and this one is on the TOP OF THE LIST!  Memorable situations and legendary locations from the show!

These ICONIC CHARACTER TOKENS for all the Monopoly series game are some of the best!  A handbag, a dinosaur, a sweater vest, a pizza, a chef's hat, or an acoustic guitar

Spaces feature scenes and themes Friends fans will recognize including Relaxi Taxi, All the Candy, Ross' Teeth, and Holiday Armadillo

Gift it, keep it, frame some pieces for a great decoration, this is truly a great item!  Nevsher lior seal of sunshine!  ☀️ 

We LOVE TO BUNDLE!  Happy to put things together in a gift bundle this with a mug, a tumbler, another game, you name it - bag it box it just message us what your looking for!  We have 1st hand experience if your a lover of this show!