Lele Sadoughi Water Lily and Rae Dunn "Love ya" Earrings Mug Set

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Adorable bundle featuring Lele Sadoughi Water Lily Button Earrings with Rae Dunn LOVE YA Heart Handle Mug.

Water lilies are a symbol of beauty and what better way to celebrate someone special with this unique gift. These fabulous earrings pair perfectly with the heart handle classic artisan Rae Dunn coffee mug* featuring LOVE YA in red.

*If you would like to switch this out for a different mug we are more than happy to do so!

Details:  hand swirled acetate with Lily Sadoughi unique design.  Dimensions:  2" x 1.75" x 0.38" each  |  Acetate  |  Brass  | Crystal  Care Instructions:  Store in pouch when not in use. Keep away from heat. Do not immerse in water.