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Did you know that the famous Peephole frame was actually a mistake? 

The set designer of FRIENDS, Greg Grande recalled the incident during a conversation with The Huffington Post. He said that he bought the quirky Yellow frame from the Rose Bowl Swap Meet initially dressed it into the set as a normal picture holder that sat on a table.

He said, “I originally had it as a picture frame that had a back on it. And while we were dressing the glass in it broke and I told one of the guys, ‘Well let’s see what that frame looks like around the peephole.’ And they put it up there for me and that’s where it lived for the next 10 years. It actually was as simple as that. Kind of a funny mistake.”

Product Highlights
  • Polyresin peephole frame
  • Hang it on the back of your door or use as a picture frame
  • Can be wall mounted or free standing
  • Frame size to hold a picture is 4.5" x 3.25"
  • Officially licensed