Rae Dunn x Peanuts | Charlie Brown + Snoopy "Happiness is...a warm hug" and Snoopy "Happiness is Home"


The Peanuts x Rae Dunn Happiness Combo Home AND a warm hug - thats what we call PURE SUNSHINE!

Share a smile with this cheerful set of Rae Dunn topper mugs featuring the world's favorite round-headed kid, Charlie Brown, and his loyal pup, Snoopy. Show off your "Happiness is...a warm hug" with Charlie Brown or Snoopy's "Happiness is Home" mug. Perfect for coffee, cocoa, or just some good old-fashioned Peanuts animation. Make sure you hug your dog today!

Each Mug measures 8"Tall.  Please remember Rae Dunn is perfectly imperfect - why we LOVE her!