Rae Dunn x Peanuts | Charlie Brown + Snoopy "Happiness is coffee" Coffee Canister and "Happiness is...a warm hug" with top


The Peanuts x Rae Dunn Happiness Coffee Combo - ONE OF OUR FAVORITE Combos in Stock Right now! If you don't need the set available individually as well (however LIMITED STOCK!)

Share a smile with this cheerful set of Rae Dunn Peanuts collaboration.  Charlie Brown and Snoopy "Happiness is coffee" (uhhh yes it is!!) and the world's favorite round-headed kid, Charlie Brown, and his loyal pup, Snoopy mug with top.  Show off your happiness and love for these good old-fashioned Peanuts characters!  Make sure you hug your dog today!

Canister Measures 10"Tall |  Mug with Top measures 8" Tall

Rae Dunn is known for her minimalist hand crafted designs that blend seamlessly with today's contemporary style. She is known for her imperfections in stoneware such as dents, marks, missing glazing, etc. with each piece being one of a kind making it perfectly imperfect.