Rae Dunn Stem Print Mixing Bowls "Stir" "Mix" "Blend" Set of 3

$98.00 $120.00

Blend, stir and mix with Rae Dunn's Stem Print Mixing Bowls.

Each piece is made of high-quality stoneware and nests perfectly within each other for functional storage. Each front with the words blend, stir, mix.

Stoneware | Food, dishwasher, and microwave-safe | May get hot in the microwave.  Oh also, absolutely AWESOME!

Small: 6.5"DIA x 3.5"H. Medium: 8"DIA x 4"H. Large: 10"DIA x 5"H.

Please note: Rae Dunn is perfectly imperfect! Known for imperfections, such as dents, marks, missing glazing, etc. just to name a few. Every single piece is one of a kind. Which is why we ❤️ it!