Rae Dunn Wizard of Oz™ "There's No Place Like Home" Mug with Ruby Red Slipper Topper

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Remind yourself “There’s no place like home” with Rae Dunn’s Wizard of Oz™ Dorothy Mug. Each piece is sculpted from quality stoneware with a ruby red inner detail. The front features “There’s No Place Like Home” in Rae Dunn’s classic Artisan hand lettering, while the back showcases adorable Dorothy herself. Every mug includes a ruby red slipper topper.

  • 5.47 x 3.78 x 6.77
  • Stoneware

SKU RD229181

Please note: Rae Dunn is perfectly imperfect! Known for imperfections, such as dents, marks, missing glazing, etc. just to name a few. Every single piece is one of a kind. Which is why we ❤️ it!