Sassy Woof - KEN™: Barbie's Ken Dog Collar | KEN™ from Barbie Dog Collar


©2024 Mattel x Sassy Woof Ken Collar - LET'S GOOOO!  Was your little boy missing out? Well no longer!  This is absolutely adorable...and who didn't love Ryan Gosling's Oscar Show?  I know we thought it was Fab!

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  • KEN™ Collar: Sturdy D-ring for leash attachment | Fully Adjustable Collar | Neoprene material for extra comfort for your pup

Please see chart for sizing information.  Ms. Gracie bear rocks her Barbie Pink and let me say that we not only get so many compliments but the fit is FABULOUS!  LET'S GO!

Spot clean with soap and water and hang dry.