Bunnies By the Bay Wee Rutabaga Bunny | Plush Bunny Baby Gift


Wee Rutabaga may be small in size but he is big in love. The perfect size for cuddling and snuggling, and taking along on every little adventure. Rutabaga is one of our most popular stuffed bunnies, love by wee ones and adults alike. This chubby little bunny rabbit is rounder than he is tall, with fluffy cream fur and a sweet hand-embroidered face. The perfect gift at any time for anyone.

Size: 8". Color - Cream, Embroidered Features, Safe for all Ages, Surface Clean only.

As expressed at Bunnies by the Bay - why should you own a bunny:

  1. Bunnies make the perfect security item.  
  2. Bunny Rabbits do the best "Happy Dance" and can inspire us to do the same.
  3. Bunnies are the best listeners (those giant perky ears have the ability to hear and detect threats as much as 2 miles away)
  4. Bunnies are symbols of Good Fortune - Chinese zodiac recognizes the rabbit as the luckiest of all twelve of the zodiac signs.
  5. A stuffed bunny gives love without the commitment of a live pet!