Wordsmithery Game - Salubrious what?

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Bring it!!!  Test your WORDSMITHERY. Who doesn't love to learn new words?  
Why we love this game: 20 mins to play; 2 mins to learn; no fiddly bits; ages 8+; Players 2+; we would add small boxes are great for our house - board games can easily start piling up although we are guilty of tons of those too!
A little more info:
  • Fun and fast-paced family game lets you see if you can guess the right meaning of words like "egregious," "phalanx," and "salubrious." Lots of laughs while expanding your vocabulary.
  • QUICK AND EASY GAMEPLAY - Draw a word, read it to your opponent, and see if they can guess the meaning from three option. Each correct guess is two points, first one to ten wins.
  • 2 OR MORE CAN PLAY - Board games for 2 players can be hard to find, but Wordsmithery is as fun in a group or as 2-player game for a quiet night in with your spouse, significant other, or child.
  • AGES 8 AND UP - Adult games for game night or board games for adults only can be too challenging or too "adult" as board games for family night. Wordsmithery is suited for adults and children of all ages who can read.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - Get it for the wordsmith and game lover in your life or add it to your collection of family games for game night, vocabulary games for teens, and kids board games.
  • Box measures: